Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?
One of 7 cancellation policies will apply to all Tellavista properties. Please click the Payment & Conditions tab for each listing to see which fees apply.

Where and how do I pick up the keys?
The owner will meet you at the property on your arrival and give you the keys.

How do I book accommodations?
Go to the Book Online button located on the web page of each listing. You will need to pay a down payment of 15%-25%, which will later be subtracted from the total rental amount. In some apartments, mainly those with instant confirmation, a full payment is required upon booking. Please rest assured that in case of cancellation your money will be refunded according to the cancellation policy.

How do I pay the down payment?
You can pay the down payment using either Visa or MasterCard.

Is the website secured?
Yes. Tellavista uses the highest level SSL-Secured connection. You can read more here

How do I pay the balance?
The balance is due upon check-in and payable in cash unless specified otherwise on the property web page.

Does Tellavista have a physical address?
Yes. Our company is located at 22 Raanan St., Tel Aviv, Israel.

What is the Security Deposit?
The security deposit protects the owner against damage or loss. The deposit amount is listed on the web page of the property and is payable using one of the payment methods listed. The owner will meet you at the property before checking out and after confirming that nothing is damaged or missing, will arrange to have your deposit completely refunded.

What are the check-in/check-out times?
Please see the web page listing.

I arrive in the middle of the night. Can I check in then?
Yes. In such cases, the owner will give you instructions for picking up the keys and arrange a convenient time to meet you later.

Are towels and linens provided?
Yes. Towels and linens are provided at all the apartments listed on our website.

Are cleaning or laundry services provided?
This varies from property to property. Please contact the owner to check.

Are there any additional fees?
Some owners charge an additional amount for electricity based on your usage, as well as a one-time cleaning fee. Each listing will state explicitly if these charges are included or not.

How can I add a review?
You can only add a review after receiving an email invitation, which will be sent on check-out day. This is to make sure that only guests who actually stayed at a property can review it.

Do I have to pay for children under the age of 3?
No. The guest rates apply only for children 3 years of age or older.

Do you add a commission to the listed price?
No. The prices displayed on the website already include Tellavista's commission.

How do I cancel my booking?
In order to cancel a reservation please fill in the cancellation form

Are cribs provided?
Please check the amenity list of the property.

Is there a cleaning service?
Your accommodations will be cleaned before you check in, and most owners will provide additional cleaning services upon request, for an extra charge. To request cleaning during your stay, please contact the owner either after you book, or send an inquiry.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
For any problem with the reservation please contact our representatives at or dial 972-3-7262926. For problems with the apartment, internet problems, or technical issues we recommend to contact your host.

Are all kitchens fully equipped and have dishes/utensils available for use?
Yes - Most kitchens are. We do recommend checking the amenities list of the specific apartment you are interested in or contact the host for special requests.

Are washers/dryers included in all apartments?
No, please check the amenities list of the specific apartment you are interested in.

Do you offer any other methods of payment for the down payment?
No, the down payment can be made online with credit card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American express.

Do you have travel accommodations for those with special needs?
Yes we do. Some of the properties on the website offer wheelchair access and other accommodations.

What if I want to book an accommodation for a longer stay?
For longer stays we recommend to contact our customer service representatives at

What happens if there is property damaged or missing?
Any property that is damaged or missing caused by the guest will be charged from the security deposit. Host must issue an invoice to the guest to support the charge.

Are there any other methods of payment other than cash offered for the balance?
Yes – each host can define how he/she can accept the balance. You will find that under the “payment and condition” tab in each listing page.

What happens to my personal details?
Your personal details are securely saved in our database. We send your contact details to the host once they confirm the reservation.

How far in advance can I book an apartment?
There is no maximum period for booking in advance.

How do I change my booking?
To change a booking send an email to
To cancel a booking, fill in our cancellation form.

When will the cancellation be refunded back?
The Refund is completed up to 48 hours after we receive the cancellation request.

What if the accommodation did not look like as promised?
To file a complaint about the accommodation you can contact our resolution center at or dial 972-3-7262926

How do I become an affiliate partner with Tellavista?
To join our affiliate program click here

Is there a map or directions provided with each booking?
Yes, in the confirmation voucher we send you will find the exact apartment address and a link to a map.

Will the private owner receive any of my contact information?
Yes, the private owner will receive your email and telephone number after he confirms the reservation request.

For children under the age of 3, do you offer any special features? (Swing, seats, high chairs, stools)
Yes in some of our apartments. We do recommend checking the amenities list of the specific apartment you are interested in or contact the host for special requests.

How will I receive my confirmation?
Once the reservation is confirmed, the confirmation is sent to your email.

What are the benefits to booking an online apartment rather than a standard hotel?
There are many reasons why…Here’s the top 5: 1. Price – Vacation rentals are cheaper than hotels by 30%-50%. 2. Space - Apartments are much larger and more accommodating than a hotel room. The difference is much more significant when it comes to a family vacation with 4 or more guests. 3. Location – Vacation apartments are all over the city whereas hotels are usually located in the tourist areas only 4. Kitchen – One of the most significant advantages of vacation apartment over a hotel is the kitchen. It allows you to prepare your own meals, with no time limitation and with the ability to invite your guests. It also goes without saying that a lot of money is saved. 5. Experience City Living – Vacation apartments allow you to meet and be involved with the locals, to live like one of the city’s residents, and fully enjoy local facilities such as supermarkets, bars, and restaurants.