Affiliate Partners FAQ

We've tried to answer any questions you may have about becoming an affiliate here. For further information please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

How and when do you pay me the earned commissions?
We pay commissions to affiliate partners by bank transfer or PayPal by the 10th of the month following to reservation's check in day.

Who can join the affiliate partner program?
Any website owner who has relevant traffic for vacation rentals and short term stays. The website does not necessarily need to be a travel website.

What kind of integrations is offering?
We offer 3 ways of affiliation: An integrated search box, a banner and a link. All tree ways are traceable.

Can I use both search box and a link?
Yes, you can create different campaigns and use them on the same time. For example you can have our search box in your vacation rentals page and a banner in your home page.

Where should I put the link/search box on my website?
We recommend affiliate partners to place the link in several locations on the website in addition to the obvious locations.

How do I create a link/search box?
In order to creat a link/search box, please go to the campaign tab after signing up to our program.

How can I monitor my traffic, bookings and commissions?
By choosing the “statistics” tab in your account any affiliate partner can monitor number of visits, number of reservations, and commission in real time.

How does track partners' reservations?
To track partners’ reservations we use your unique ID number in your URL. Each partner receives its own unique ID.

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