Terms and conditions - Tellavista affiliate partner program


By registering and signing up to the tellavista.com partner program as affiliate partner, the affiliate hereby agrees, acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of this affiliate agreement ("The Agreement").

This Agreement is between:

1.    Tellavista.com, Licensed dealer number 557984457, Located at 7 Bialik street, Azor, Israel ("Tellavista "), and

2.    The affiliate, whose details are set out in the Affiliate Partner Registration ("The Affiliate").


(i)            Tellavista operates an online accommodation reservation platform through which participating accommodations can make their apartment/room available for reservation, and through which visitors can make reservations.

(ii)          Reservations are “on demand” and each participating accommodation has 24 hours to approve or decline a reservation.

(iii)         Affiliate commission will be paid for approved reservations only.

Have agreed as follows:

1.  An affiliate commission of 5% will be paid by tellavista.com for each approved reservation sent by The Affiliate. Has the owner choose to decline a reservation, no affiliate commission will be paid.

For Israeli companies VAT will be added to the commission above 

2.  Cancellations: Had the guest choose to cancel his reservation, a reduced commission of 3% will be paid to The Affiliate. Had the owner choose to cancel a confirmed reservation no commission will be paid to The Affiliate.

3.  Terms of payment - tellavista.com pays commissions to affiliate partners by bank transfer against an Invoice, by the 10th of the month following the reservation check in day. The commissions will be calculated according to the Tellavista tracking system.


4.  Tracking – an affiliate partner can track both inquiries and bookings using our tracking system shown The Affiliate’s dashboard. The commissions will be calculated according to the


5.  Termination of this agreement – Tellavista has the right to terminate this agreement in any given time with no advance notice. Commission will be paid for all reservations occurred prior to the termination date


6.  No exclusivity: this agreement doesn't give exclusivity to any of the affiliate partners.