Registration Terms

1. Username and Password

Your username and password are personal and should not be given to anyone. You must use both to edit your property details – giving them to a third party is at your own risk. Tellavista uses the best encryption methods in order to protect unauthorized changes to your property description and your personal information.

2. Using your Email address and Phone number

Tellavista has the right to use the Advertiser’s phone and/or email provided during registration regarding any issue related to the website, including and not limited to promotional offers and new products. Contact by phone will be limited to weekdays 8AM–10PM, on Fridays and holiday evenings until 4PM and Saturdays, after 7PM. Tellavista will not contact the Advertiser by phone during the Shabbat or holidays. Text messages informing regarding new reservations and inquiries will be sent all week long between 8AM–10PM.

2. Using "Cookies"

When the Advertiser enters his/her username and password, cookies are used to encrypt and store this information on the Advertiser’s computer, in order to allow quick future logins. Cookie files are harmless and can be deleted at any time by going to your web browser settings.

Advertising Terms

1. The Property

The Advertiser declares that:
1.1. He/she owns the property that is being advertised, or has written authorization from the property's owner to manage and rent said property to a third party.
1.2. The property is insured against third-party damage or injury.
1.3. The property is safe and habitable.
1.4. An electricity emergency switch has been installed.
1.5. All the information regarding the property, including its address, description, amenities, and photos is true and accurate.
1.6. It is strictly forbidden to upload photos that don't belong to the Advertiser and/or photos that have a watermark of another website, company, person or entity. The usage of such photos on Tellavista is strictly forbidden and might expose the Advertiser to lawsuits.

2. Advertising

2.1. Advertising on Tellavista is free, however, Tellavista will charge the Advertiser 6% of each completed booking, (hereinafter "Tellavista's Advertising Commission").
2.2. Advertising on Tellavista is not time limited.
2.3. Tellavista may remove listings without prior notice.

3. Property Pricing on the Website

3.1. Tellavista will also earn a commission from the Customer, (hereinafter "Customer Booking Fee"), which will be added to the price requested by the Advertiser, as follows:

Advertiser's Requested PricePrice Advertised on Website
USD 1 – USD 3,00012%
USD 3,001 and above5%

3.2. The price displayed on the website will already include the Customer Booking Fee.

4. Booking Procedure

4.1. When making a booking, the customer is required to provide a down payment in order to reserve the property. The down payment will be equal to the sum of the Advertising Commission and Customer Booking Fee.
4.2. The Customer will fill in a reservation form confirming that he/she agrees to pay the balance directly to the Advertiser at the time of check-in.
In addition, the customer agrees to provide a security deposit at check-in in the amount specified in the listing, to be determined by the Advertiser.
Once a reservation is made, the Advertiser will receive an email with the reservation details, which must be confirmed within 12 hours.

4.3. Cancellation Policy

The Advertiser can choose between 3 cancellation policies. Tellavista will compensate The Advertiser with a cancellation fee according to the chosen policy.

Customer's cancellation request must be submitted through the cancellation page on the website: However, in case a customer sends a cancellation request directly to the advertiser, it's the advertiser's responsibility to direct the customer to the Tellavista cancellation page.

In any case where the Advertiser is entitled to a compensation, it will be wired to him on the 10th day of the following month.

Important: it is the Advertiser's responsibility to contact the customer at least 2 days prior to the customer's arrival. Had the Advertiser didn't try to contact the customer - no compensation will be transferred in case of a no show.

4.4. Note: the down payment will not be paid to the Advertiser at any time, except in the event of a cancellation as described above.

4.5. By confirming a booking, the Advertiser agrees to the terms thereof. Breaching any of the terms of a confirmed reservation or trying to modify them, such as but not limited to the rates, will be considered a violation of terms, and may expose the Advertiser to lawsuits.

4.6. Tellavista will not be a party to any contract signed between the customer and the Advertiser.

4.7. In case the advertiser cancels a reservation 14 days or more prior to check in, he/she will have to compensate Tellavista with an handling fee equal to 10%  plus VAT of reservation total amount.

In case the advertiser cancels a reservation 13 days or less prior to check in, he/she will be responsible to find an alternative apartment / hotel to the guest at the advertiser expense. For the avoidance of doubt: the guest will not be asked to add money to the reservation amount, Tellavista's reservation fee will not be refunded to any of the parties, and any cost that applies due to the apartment / hotel rental will be at the advertiser expense.

5. Managing your listing on the Dashboard

5.1. The Advertiser may edit his/her property description, prices, amenities, photos, and availability from the Dashboard at any time, using the username and password.
5.2. Tellavista will not be responsible for any changes made to the listing.
5.3. The Advertiser is free to change the listed property rates at any time, but such changes will only apply to bookings made on, or after the date of change.

6. Use of Media

6.1. The Advertiser declares that all photos uploaded to Tellavista websites are not copyrighted, and he/she has the appropriate permission to publish the photos. The Advertiser understands that uploading photos or any other media that is copyrighted may expose him/her to lawsuits from the copyright owner. Tellavista will not hold any responsibility in case of copyrights violation done by the advertiser.

6.2. Photos and videos uploaded by the Advertiser may be used by Tellavista for any purpose related to the website, including advertisements, outdoor signs, and stickers.