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7 Best Destinations for a Winter Vacation

Usually when you look up ‘Winter Destination’, you get a list of sunny, tropical places to travel midwinter and still get plenty of sunshine. While this is great for some people, what about the rest of us who celebrate the magical frosty wonderland? If you are looking for the best places to really enjoy everything cold, snowy weather has to offer, here is a list of destinations that will satisfy all of your whims.Discover your very own winter wonderland. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks For Winter Packing

So you are ready to embark on that winter vacation but are unsure how to pack for weather overseas, right? The first concern as always is what to take and what not. Followed closely with keeping the bag underweight so you don’t have to worry about those pesky and steep fees for your check in bag. Here are some things that are a MUST when starting your overseas winter dream vacation.cross-country-skiing-624246_1280 Continue reading

6 Steps For A Cheaper Ski Vacation

Whether you are first timers when it comes to the snowy slopes or experienced snowboarders with a major record, you probably know that skiing is an expensive hobby. High-end resorts, costly equipment and pricey lift passes are just some of the expenses that are part of your desired white vacation. Well, we haven’t found a Genie that can make all our wishes come true (yet!), but we do have some tips for you on how to save major buck on your next winter trip. Sit tight!

Get ready to save some cash!

Get ready to save some cash!

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The Holidays In Israel – Part 2: Christmas In The Holy Land

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you happen to travel Israel during this magical time, you get to experience the story of Christmas in a whole other way. This is where it all took place! Less commercialized than the Christmas experience in other countries, the Israeli experience offers a different perspective. We have gathered for you all the best things to do to get a memorable Christmas in Israel.Nativity_tree2011

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The Holidays In Israel – Part 1: It’s Hanukkah Time!

Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday of lights. Like any other Jewish holiday, there is a biblical story behind it, with varied and mystical meanings. Throughout the years there have been many traditions formed regarding the celebration of this holiday – lighting candles in the Hanukkiah (the Hanukkah Menorah), eating latkes and sufganiyot (the Jewish version of doughnuts) and playing dreidle are just some of the examples. If you are travelling Israel right now, or you plan on doing so during Hanukkah, here are some of the main attractions.

Hanukkah - The Jewish holiday of light

Hanukkah – The Jewish holiday of light

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5 Magical Hidden Places for a Jerusalem Winter

The stormy weather that showed up in Israel in the past few days makes every living soul want to curl up under the covers and just watch the rain coming down, preferably holding a hot cup of tea in their hands. While we fully support this as a valid and reasonable option, sometimes taking the brave decision of leaving the house in this storm can really pay off. For those of you who happen to travel Jerusalem these days, here are the top 5 secret spots of the city that would make any rainy day a reason for a night out with friends.

Find the secret pearls of Jerusalem

Find the secret pearls of Jerusalem

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Best Places to Stay in the Winter

For many, a winter vacation is a regular tradition. Whether it is to engage in a favorite winter sport or just to get away from the cold, bleak, winter days at home, many consider a break in the middle of winter an essential part of the yearly schedule.

vacation winter House

Choosing the best place to stay depends on your goals and interests. A lot depends on whether you want to get out and really enjoy the cold and snow, or if you would really rather get away from it and get back to the sun and warm. Fortunately, there are superb destinations that can cater to either desire.


Florida is a traditional destination for winter sun seekers. But even within Florida there are a variety of options to suit both your inclinations and your budget.

Southern Florida is warmer, but it is also more expensive. For those who are more budget conscious, North Florida offers some very attractive options. While temperatures during the winter are cooler in the north half of the state, usually getting into the 70s, this also means that prices are usually lower, too. Many locations are half the price of equivalent southern destinations.

The Space Coast of Florida offers the best of all worlds. It is close to the beaches, as well as the Kennedy Space Center. And all of the major attractions in Orlando are just a short drive inland. With many vacation rentals available in the area, the northern Atlantic coast of Florida can be a great travel destination for a little sun and fun.


For winter sports enthusiasts, it is hard to beat Colorado. Many of the premier ski destinations are just a short trip from Denver. There are a wide range of activities and accommodations to fit any activity level and budget.


For those who can’t decide between the sun and snow, the Big Island of Hawaii offers both. It is possible to snowboard on the upper peaks of the volcanoes in the morning and then swim in the warm Pacific waters in the afternoon. With temperature and climate more a matter of elevation than location, it is possible to experience pretty much everything just by driving a little higher or lower.

Hawaii also offers an interesting diversity of activities. Of course, spending time at the beaches is an excellent way to decompress from a long winter, but as was mentioned, it is possible to see snow during a visit to the famous observatories on Mauna Kea. In addition, there is hiking through some of the most beautiful tropical scenery in the world. Just around every bend is another natural wonder, from lava fields to tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls.

Central or South America

While the Northern Hemisphere is deep into the winter season, it is summertime in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are considering an international vacation, south of the Equator may be a good option.

You don’t have to go quite that far, though. Even places closer to the Equator will be much warmer. Some don’t see much variation throughout the year, and in places like the Caribbean, the ocean has a moderating effect. So, for sun and surf, an island or coastal vacation might be ideal.


After many years of economic troubles, many destinations are cutting prices in order to lure back tourists. As one example, Greece offers many attractive possibilities, and at bargain prices. In addition to culture and history, visitors can also enjoy mild weather and great ocean views, both a welcome break from the snow and cold back home.