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Best beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a long stretch of wide, sandy beaches on the edge of the city. The beaches are in use year-round and each beach has its own character. The official beach season is from April to October. Traveling from north to south here are some of the most popular beaches:

Views of the waterfront and beaches of Tel AvivMetzitzim Beach

Metzitzim is the ideal family beach: Shallow waters and the constant presence of lifeguards will help ease the minds of all the young parents out there. There is a bar/ restaurant, showers, shaded areas… and for the sporty, beach volleyball courts. This is also a good beach to come down to at night because it’s hidden away from the main tayelet. Continue reading

Enjoying the Kinneret Sea at the End of the Summer

The prize of the Galillee in the northern part of Israel, is definitely the Kinneret Sea. There has been so many changes to the seaside that those of you who have not visited either in a long time or ever, will be pleasantly surprised. First off, we at Tellavista offer many different Vacation options around the Kinneret sea, for those of you who are looking to get away from the city life. So what is there to do around the Kinneret? Here is a list of cool things to do either by yourself, with friends or with your family.

The Kinneret Path

Surrounding the entire sea of the Kinneret is an amazing pathway that gives any tourist access to all of the beaches that are surrounding the sea. This pathway not only gives you access to the beaches, but to little gems of nature that you can’t find while driving around in your car. The entire path is 53 kilometers (pretty long) so choose the area you are staying in, and enjoy this amazing trip over a couple of days.


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Best Water Hikes in Israel

Israel is known not only for its significant history, beaches, hot springs and much more. It is also known for amazing hiking. The only problem is in the summer hiking can become very difficult when there is no shade and the temperature reaches over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! So what does one do to solve this problem? Water hikes!

Here is a list of some really nice water hikes to enjoy this summer around Israel.

Judean Desert and Dead Sea area

The Darg’a

Also known as “Nahal Dragot” in Hebrew, the Darg’a is an adventurous  hike. Located in the northern part of the Dead Sea, this hike is for experienced hikers only, requiring rope in several locations to go down some cliffs sometimes 150 feet down. The payoff, though, is the many pools into which you either slide or jump. By the end of the summer, the pools dry up and what’s left gets pretty gross, but when winter comes the rain fills the pools and nature gets the river ready for next summer.


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