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The best of Israel’s Markets

We know if you would search around the web for the best outdoor markets in Israel, you would find a lot of different opinions and insights from tour guides to food writers. We at Tellavista want to give you our best market list as your #1 vacation apartment rental company in Israel!


Carmel Market

Tel Aviv’s most famous marketplace, the Carmel Market is also the city’s largest market. Open every day of the week (except Shabbat), the market features a plethora of shops and restaurants from handmade cheese to designer clothing, so there is something for every person with every budget. Make sure to come hungry because the food is exquisite and plentiful.

Akko Market

For a real taste of the Middle Eastern marketplace, few destinations beat Akko. Located in the Old City the northern town’s market offers a wide range of tasty fares, local staples, antiques and household goods. Locals shop there so it’s also an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s most famous outdoor market has been going strong for over a hundred years and still conveys a genuine sense of exotic Middle Eastern flavor. The fresh citrus and other produce you’ll find here are said to be the best in Israel, but you’ll also find an amazing  array of spices and other food products as well as clothing, souvenirs and the like.

Sarona Market

Sarona was opened to serve the people of Tel Aviv with an option for an air conditioned closed market with some of Israel’s best and fresh produce, baked goods, and gourmet eats. It’s based off Chef Mario Batali’s Eataly, but in Hebrew and in Tel Aviv, with an Israeli flair. Expect more of these gourmet, foodie markets to be opening up around Israel in the next couple of years.

Shuk Levinsky

Running the length of Levinsky Street in South Tel Aviv, Shuk Levinsky has a massive range of products, from dried fruit to soaps, spices and nuts. The Levinsky Market is filled with cuisine from cultures all around the world and has ingredients that provide the perfect addition to just about any meal. Among the stores to visit are bakeries, delicatessens and restaurants. Certain shops and restaurants are unique to the shuk, and cannot be found anywhere else in Tel Aviv. The magic Shuk Levinsky lies in the deep history of culinary growth and discovery, stories that continue to appeal to local residents and foreign visitors alike.

Best beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a long stretch of wide, sandy beaches on the edge of the city. The beaches are in use year-round and each beach has its own character. The official beach season is from April to October. Traveling from north to south here are some of the most popular beaches:

Views of the waterfront and beaches of Tel AvivMetzitzim Beach

Metzitzim is the ideal family beach: Shallow waters and the constant presence of lifeguards will help ease the minds of all the young parents out there. There is a bar/ restaurant, showers, shaded areas… and for the sporty, beach volleyball courts. This is also a good beach to come down to at night because it’s hidden away from the main tayelet. Continue reading

Enjoying Modern History in Tel Aviv

Everyone who visits the land of Israel knows that it has a vast history filled with culture from the different time periods. Whether it was the Jews who built the Temple or the Greeks who dropped by to take over or even the Ottoman empire whose impacts are felt around Israel until today. When people think Isreal’s history everyone focuses on Jerusalem, but there is plenty of modern history in Tel Aviv. Here are some of the sites to see to understand how the city became the largest city in Israel.


Independence Hall

Independence Hall. The home of Zina and Meir Dizengoff – First Mayor of Tel Aviv, one of the first houses in Tel Aviv, was chosen to host the declaration of the state in 1948, and is now named Independence Hall and serves as an historical museum for the story of the declaration. The journey begins with Herzl, goes through the establishment of Tel Aviv and Dizengoff’s work, and ends in the Hall of the Declaration of Independence, with a complete reenactment of the exciting announcement in Ben-Gurion’s voice.

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Natural Watering Holes to enjoy during the Summer

Israel has been blessed with many different natural resources that have all turned into tourist attractions. Some of these resources may be the Dead Sea, the sulfur baths, the coral reef and many more. One of the coolest one’s though are the natural water holes or pools, the appear at the end of a waterfall or just burst out of the ground! Here’s a list of some of the one’s that you can visit while renting one of our beautiful vacations units.


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Israel’s Best Beaches

Being that Israel is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Ocean, most of it’s western coastline are beaches. But there are other places to enjoy the beach in Israel too. Like the newly renovated Dead Sea beach or any of the beaches surrounding the Kinneret sea, and don’t forget the Red Sea down in Eilat! So here is a list of some of those amazing beaches located around Israel.


Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv

One of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv, located next to all the hotels. Nice and clean with lots of bars and restaurants in the area. It is free and has nice clean shower and bathroom facilities, located by the boardwalk. You will see a nice mix of tourists but mostly a younger Israeli crowd. We would recommend this stretch of beach especially during the week as the weekends gets very crowded especially during the summer season.

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5 things to do over the Passover Holiday in Israel!

The Geek Picnic

Do you love science fiction or are a fan of robotics and science? Then this activity is for you. The Geek picnic will be open all week long in the heart of Jerusalem, at the Sacher Park. The exhibits are all about science and how it works from huge robots, to seeing electricity in motion. You can even race flying drones! Definitely one of Passovers coolest festivals around!

For more information and to buy tickets: http://geekpicnic.co.il/en/


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Top Markets In Israel

Anyone who really wants to see how the locals are living and learn about a country’s culture – should mark the market place as its first destination in the trip. The best markets can reveal the heart of the country, its customs and its magic. Here is our recommendation to the finest markets in Israel.

All the wonderful scents and sights of the market

All the wonderful scents and sights of the market

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