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Museums to visit in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is blessed with some of the finest museums in the country. The city contains so much diversity in terms of culture, religion, art, history and more that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, here at Tellavista we put together a short list of the most popular ones!


Yad Vashem

The Yad Vashem Memorial, founded in 1953 to serve as the center for research, documentation, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. It is an emotionally powerful museum, which introduces visitors to the history of the Nazis’ rise to power and the harrowing effect this had on Jews in Europe at that time. The various exhibits serve as a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and include displays of ghettos, concentration camps, Jewish response, and the famous Hall of Names. Continue reading

5 things to do over the Passover Holiday in Israel!

The Geek Picnic

Do you love science fiction or are a fan of robotics and science? Then this activity is for you. The Geek picnic will be open all week long in the heart of Jerusalem, at the Sacher Park. The exhibits are all about science and how it works from huge robots, to seeing electricity in motion. You can even race flying drones! Definitely one of Passovers coolest festivals around!

For more information and to buy tickets: http://geekpicnic.co.il/en/


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Be Whatever You Want To Be In Purim!

If you walk along the streets of Israel and everyone around you are wearing costumes, cheer out loud and give candies to each other – don’t be alarmed. You did not step into an alternative universe. It is just the Jewish holiday of Purim, a very festive and colorful one. The holiday is meant to mark the day the Jewish people of the Persian Empire were saved from a possible Genocide. The traditions of this magnificent holiday are interesting and fun alike, and if you are lucky enough to be in Israel during this time of year, you should really take the time to read on.

Hamantaschen - Part of the holiday tredition.

Hamantaschen – Part of the holiday tredition.

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5 Magical Destinations For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and whether you are looking for a place to celebrate it or a place to fall in love, there is no doubt that the world offers a vast selection of possibilities for a romantic getaway. Where should you spend your Valentine’s Day vacation? We picked 5 for every type of romance you are looking for. Read, travel and be merry.

Discover a new place to fall in love

Discover a new place to fall in love

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6 Steps For A Cheaper Ski Vacation

Whether you are first timers when it comes to the snowy slopes or experienced snowboarders with a major record, you probably know that skiing is an expensive hobby. High-end resorts, costly equipment and pricey lift passes are just some of the expenses that are part of your desired white vacation. Well, we haven’t found a Genie that can make all our wishes come true (yet!), but we do have some tips for you on how to save major buck on your next winter trip. Sit tight!

Get ready to save some cash!

Get ready to save some cash!

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Best Destination For 2015

When you travel to a really amazing place, it’s really hard to think of another destination instead when planning your next vacation. But what about discovering some place new? What about that sense of new adventure? Somewhere off the beaten track, there is a new spot waiting to be revealed and rediscovered. Beat the crowd to those magical places, so you can brag about it next year when they will become the hot destination. Here are our best recommendations for you next trip.

Quaint and relaxing or urban and fast-pacing? It's your choice

Quaint and relaxing or urban and fast-pacing? It’s your choice

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Best Apps For The Weary Traveller

Once, the world was a much bigger place. Travelling was a luxury few could afford, and to do so you had to be much more resourceful than today. Travelling involved a lot of planning, reading maps, carrying city guide books everywhere and memorizing local phrases in order to find the toilet in the restaurant. The world has come a long way since then, and now that everyone carries nothing but their smartphones with them on their trips, there is an app for everything. We picked a select few of the best travelling apps that will make your vacationing a whole lot easier.

There is an app for that...

There is an app for that…

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New Year’s Eve Around The World

New Year’s is a time honored tradition celebrated all around the world. Every country has its own unique and different way to celebrate. We all know about the famous ball drop in New York, while Sydney will always be the first to bring in the new year. But what are some of the more exotic and unknown treditions around the globe? Read on and you will find out!

How do they celebrate around the world?

How do they celebrate around the world?

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The Holidays In Israel – Part 2: Christmas In The Holy Land

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you happen to travel Israel during this magical time, you get to experience the story of Christmas in a whole other way. This is where it all took place! Less commercialized than the Christmas experience in other countries, the Israeli experience offers a different perspective. We have gathered for you all the best things to do to get a memorable Christmas in Israel.Nativity_tree2011

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The Holidays In Israel – Part 1: It’s Hanukkah Time!

Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday of lights. Like any other Jewish holiday, there is a biblical story behind it, with varied and mystical meanings. Throughout the years there have been many traditions formed regarding the celebration of this holiday – lighting candles in the Hanukkiah (the Hanukkah Menorah), eating latkes and sufganiyot (the Jewish version of doughnuts) and playing dreidle are just some of the examples. If you are travelling Israel right now, or you plan on doing so during Hanukkah, here are some of the main attractions.

Hanukkah - The Jewish holiday of light

Hanukkah – The Jewish holiday of light

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