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Best beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a long stretch of wide, sandy beaches on the edge of the city. The beaches are in use year-round and each beach has its own character. The official beach season is from April to October. Traveling from north to south here are some of the most popular beaches:

Views of the waterfront and beaches of Tel AvivMetzitzim Beach

Metzitzim is the ideal family beach: Shallow waters and the constant presence of lifeguards will help ease the minds of all the young parents out there. There is a bar/ restaurant, showers, shaded areas… and for the sporty, beach volleyball courts. This is also a good beach to come down to at night because it’s hidden away from the main tayelet. Continue reading

Best Winter Activities in Israel

Now that winter has set upon Israel, even though it’s land is mostly desert, it still gets cold in the winter. So what does one do hen it gets to be too cold outside, but still wants to experience the holy land? Here are some places for you to enjoy, while spending your winter in Israel.


Travel South

One option is to go visit the southern cities of Israel, like Mitzpe Ramon or Eilat. Mizpe Ramon is the city that overlooks the Ramon crater that was created thousands of years ago. You can go and hike, rent bikes, drive an ATV or rappel down one of the many cliffs the crater has to offer.

If you prefer an ocean view and beaches, you can drive down to Eilat. Eilat is a city with plenty to do during the winter times. The ocean is always 22 degrees Celsius, so it’s nice and warm. There is the dolphin reef where you can check out the dolphins and even dive to swim with them. The Underwater observatory is a great day activity as well as you can check out over 2,000 species of fish living in the coral reef of the Red Sea. You can even rent one of our amazing apartments there for your next vacation!

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Must visit museums in Israel

When traveling to a country with such a great history like Israel, you must look for the most significant and interesting museums that country has to offer. Here is a list of some the must visit museums around Israel.

The Israel Museum

Founded in 1965 in Jerusalem, the Israel Museum is the country’s flagship museum and largest cultural institution. The museum houses 500,000 objects, including the famous Dead Sea Scrolls; a grand collection of archaeological finds; an immense treasury of world Judaica; an amazing sculpture garden; and vast collections of primitive, European and modern art.

For more info: www.imj.org.il/en/

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