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Museums to visit in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is blessed with some of the finest museums in the country. The city contains so much diversity in terms of culture, religion, art, history and more that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, here at Tellavista we put together a short list of the most popular ones!


Yad Vashem

The Yad Vashem Memorial, founded in 1953 to serve as the center for research, documentation, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. It is an emotionally powerful museum, which introduces visitors to the history of the Nazis’ rise to power and the harrowing effect this had on Jews in Europe at that time. The various exhibits serve as a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and include displays of ghettos, concentration camps, Jewish response, and the famous Hall of Names. Continue reading

Things to do and see in Jaffa

Jaffa, is the southern neighbor of Tel Aviv, and actually is a part of the municipality. The city is full of history, culture and great food. So at Tellavista, we bring you a tourists day in Jaffa!

What’s historic? The port of Old Jaffa


The Old Jaffa that brings in tourists today has its roots in the old port, and when you visit today you will find a harbor busy with working fishing boats operating in the same way as they have for hundreds of years.

Thanks to the newer ports in Ashdod, and Haifa, your scenery of pretty colored boats and views out to sea and of Tel Aviv-Yafo isn’t obscured by massive container ships, liners and ferries. If you’re up for it, you could also go for a boat trip along the Tel Aviv coast, there are always a number of cheap options available in the port, just look around.

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The Best Water Parks in Israel


Since it is summertime in Israel, you have to be close to any type of water to cool off! Any type of water source, whether it’s an ocean, a river or a pool. But in this case we are recommending to you some amazing water parks around Israel!  Nothing beats a water park when it comes down to taking the whole family out for a day of fun. Just make sure to pack your sunscreen get in the car and go! Here is a list of some really cool water parks around Israel.

פארק המים חוף גיא - טבריה צילום אילן סגרון (10)

Maimeidon, Tel Aviv

The Maimeidion water park, is Tel Aviv’s biggest water park. Located across the road from the amusement park, Luna Park, and has a ton of water slides and swimming pools for all ages. The different kinds of water slides include the meteor slides, slalom slides, fast and slow tube lanes, a hot shot slide, wave pool, pools for kids and toddlers, an adventure pool and more!

For more information: http://www.meymadion.co.il/?langId=2

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7 Best Destinations for a Winter Vacation

Usually when you look up ‘Winter Destination’, you get a list of sunny, tropical places to travel midwinter and still get plenty of sunshine. While this is great for some people, what about the rest of us who celebrate the magical frosty wonderland? If you are looking for the best places to really enjoy everything cold, snowy weather has to offer, here is a list of destinations that will satisfy all of your whims.Discover your very own winter wonderland. Continue reading

Best Places to Stay Cool During Summer

It’s summer time again! Well, at least in the northern hemisphere. At first it’s all fine and dandy – the sun is out, the days are long, and all you want to do is to hit the beach or lounge at the poolside. But after a few weeks of summer, all you can think about is how hot and sticky it feels. All you want to do is sit in the AC all day and long for winter. If you grew tired of your summer already, here are the best places to break the heat stay cool on your next vacation.

If you play your cards right, y

If you play your cards right, you can avoid summer altogether!

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Honeymoon Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Enough has been said about the importance of the Honeymoon destination. Being the most important vacation in a couple’s life, you want to make sure you pick the perfect place for you to start your life as a newlywed couple. With that said, you don’t want to start creating your shared memories along with dozens of other newlywed couples. Honeymooners tend to focus on a small selection of “classic” destinations to choose from. Where to go if you want some peace and quiet after your big day? Where to go if you want to be a little unique and creative? We did the research for you, just read on.

Don't go where all the other couples go. Create your own memories.

Don’t go where all the other couples go. Create your own memories.

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Fun In The Sun – Israel’s Best Beaches

Despite the miniature size of Israel, it has been blessed by a convenient proximity to three seas – The Mediterranean, The Dead Sea and The Red Sea – and one fresh-water lake. The nice warm Mediterranean weather makes it fairly easy to spend most of one’s past-time lounging on the beach. If the thought of that makes you smile, this list of top Israeli beaches should have you jumping up and down with joy. Go ahead and plan your next day in the sun using this list, just in time for summer.

There is planty of fun under the sun in here!

There is planty of fun under the sun in here!

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5 Magical Destinations For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and whether you are looking for a place to celebrate it or a place to fall in love, there is no doubt that the world offers a vast selection of possibilities for a romantic getaway. Where should you spend your Valentine’s Day vacation? We picked 5 for every type of romance you are looking for. Read, travel and be merry.

Discover a new place to fall in love

Discover a new place to fall in love

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6 Steps For A Cheaper Ski Vacation

Whether you are first timers when it comes to the snowy slopes or experienced snowboarders with a major record, you probably know that skiing is an expensive hobby. High-end resorts, costly equipment and pricey lift passes are just some of the expenses that are part of your desired white vacation. Well, we haven’t found a Genie that can make all our wishes come true (yet!), but we do have some tips for you on how to save major buck on your next winter trip. Sit tight!

Get ready to save some cash!

Get ready to save some cash!

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Best Destination For 2015

When you travel to a really amazing place, it’s really hard to think of another destination instead when planning your next vacation. But what about discovering some place new? What about that sense of new adventure? Somewhere off the beaten track, there is a new spot waiting to be revealed and rediscovered. Beat the crowd to those magical places, so you can brag about it next year when they will become the hot destination. Here are our best recommendations for you next trip.

Quaint and relaxing or urban and fast-pacing? It's your choice

Quaint and relaxing or urban and fast-pacing? It’s your choice

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