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Hanging out in Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva, the capitol of the Negev. In the past it was just a hot outpost, with the locals living there out of Idealism and Zionism. Today, Beer Sheva is one of the hottest destinations for young couples, plenty of tourism and lots of places to hang out.


The Israeli Air Force Museum

The Israeli Air Force Museum is found in the open expanse of desert at the Hatzerim Air Force Base, with the local war planes and training planes occasionally flying above the museum during the day – providing great entertainment. The museum features are mostly outdoors, with a few buildings dedicated to housing Air Force archives and artifacts. To start, there is a small building that dissects the history of the IAF and points out the various missions and operations that makes the IAF a legend in and of itself – operations such as Entebbe and the aerial raids on Tunisia and Iraq’s fledgling nuclear facility in 1981.  Continue reading