Create the Complete First Aid Kit

Nobody likes to get sick or hurt, but getting sick or hurt on a vacation is a whole lot worse! One of the most important keys to a great trip is staying healthy, and packing the perfect first aid kit will make sure it happens. Not sure what to bring with you? Overwhelmed by all the medications and personal care supplies? We got you covered.

Don't forget to pack this with you!

Don’t forget to pack this with you!

First Aid Supplies

This is the core of your kit, so make sure you have everything in it – especially if you travel with children! Make sure to bring fabric plasters, gauze squares, bandages, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, a digital thermometer, safety pins and tick removers. Bring antiseptic either in wipes or sprays.


This should be a given if you are travelling to a tropical place, or going to spend time on the beach, but a sunscreen is a good idea in any case. Make sure to get at lease15 SPF sunscreen, and one that is labeled as “Broad Spectrum”, making sure it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Don’t be tempted to use old sunscreen bottles or sprays you had laying around – most sunscreens have an expiration date of 2-3 years.

Insect Repellent

This one is a must if you are going to warm or tropical (or both!) places. There is a large selection of sprays, roll-ons and creams of all sorts of brands to repel mosquitoes and other types of insects. Some travelers use tiger balm for that purpose, and some recommend creams that can only be found locally in the specific destination. Local solutions might be better for the specific type of insects, but don’t count on that and make sure you have a good repellent just in case.


If you suffer from allergies, by all means, bring your anti-allergy medications. But even if you don’t have any particular allergy, antihistamines can be a good idea. These can be effective in case of any insect bites, reducing itching and inflammations. You can use creams, sprays and tablets that are sold over-the-counter. Alternatively, you can use Tea-Tree oil for the same purpose.

Diarrhea and Nausea Medicine

Both Diarrhea and nausea can be symptoms of Jet-Lag, so keeping pills for that can be useful and prevent the whole trip from going down the drain. Diarrhea can also be caused by merely trying the new,local food, or even drinking the water.In case you have other symptoms, like fever, make sure to see a doctor before taking any pills or medications.