6 Ways to Get Over Your “Post Vacation Syndrome”

So, you just got back from your summer vacation, and you can’t get your routine groove back? Yes, you are suffering from post vacation depression. In a psychology reserach conducted in the University of Granada, there is, in fact, a “post vacation syndrom”. The good news is: and can ve overcome, and we are here to tell you just how to do that.



Many of us tend to excercise on vacation, but not in out day to day life. The key is to continue to exercise even after we get back, in order to maintain a general feeking of well-being, as well as calming you down.

Continue Caring for Yourselves

The same goes for general care. We tend to know what’s right and what’s wrong for our well-being on vacation. Things like reading a good book or taking a lunch break away from our computer. Keep doing these small things after you are back from vacation, and you will feel the difernce.

Book Your Next Vacation

Half the fun in a vacation is the anticipation. Start planning your next vacation right when you get back from the previous one. It doesn’t have to be in detail, but getting back to work can get much easier when you have what to look forward to.

Don’t Check InĀ 

When you’re on vacation, do not check in at the office unless you really have to. One main reason you aren’t refreshed upon coming back form vacation is that you never really left. You have free wi-fi at your hotel, a laptop and a smartphone, and all you did all day is check your email notifications, Don’t.

Plan Your ReturnĀ 

Don’t let the amount of emails scare you. Make sure to set priorities before you get to the office. Let your co-workers and clients know that you are back and that you will gradually get back to them all.

Don’t Go straight Back

Try to have a buffer day between the end of your vacation and going back to work. Ideally, come back to a weekend. Going straight from a beach chair to an office chair is hard.

If you follow these 6 rules you will probably have a smoother end of vacation and you won’t feel the “post vacation syndrom”. As a whole this might even make your overall work experience even better.