5 Tips for Road-Tripping Like A Pro

There are plenty of ways to take an asphalt adventure. Possibly the hardest part of any good trip is the pre-planning beforehand. Questions surge through the mind like what to take, which way should we go for maximum fun, and what music do I need? In order to answer these perplexing questions this blog will offer up 5 tips to aid you in your pre-planning stages.

Plan the perfect road-trip and have the time of your life!

Plan the perfect road-trip and have the time of your life!

#1: The Route

The route you take should emphasize who you or your group is. Are you someone that loves the outdoors and want to see the natural beauty of the United States? If so, then you definitely do not want to take the Southern route. States like Montana, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Wyoming have gorgeous scenery and some fantastic parks that let you breathe in the fresh air. However, if you want to get your drink on, gamble or have an easier drive, the South is for you. Take your car through the Kentucky Bourbon trail, hit up New Orleans (maybe around Mardis Gras?) then drive through Texas and up to Nevada for Sin City. Want the best of both worlds? Then it might be best to sit by a map and plan on the driving time and sites to hit. Might be best to start in the North then work your way South depending on the time of year you travel.

#2: The Nosh

Every good road trip demands some snacks! This can get a bit tricky because some people want to watch what they eat and some of the more filling foods require both hands. A team system will work for you here. Have your buddy or loved one prepare the food in the passenger seat and pass it to you. Otherwise, it might be best to stick to the classics of chips, pre-made sandwiches, pizza slices or trail mix. A big tip here is to make sure not to imbibe too much sugar because you don’t want your system to crash when you are on the night shift driving. Falling asleep is a risk and you want to avoid it under any means necessary.

#3: The Music

A good road trip is emphasized with the tunes you choose. No matter what you like, you need to broaden your taste to fit the mood of the trip. If you are going on a nice relaxing trip, pick something without too much bass or incline in tune. If you are on a once in a lifetime adventure, then pick something that will keep you psyched during the day and keep you awake at night. Make sure to have two different mixes ready at least, one for the day and one for night. Make a system so the driver keeps their attention on the road. Have the one on deck to drive (the passenger seat) be the DJ as well as the navigator.

#4: The Navigation

What kind of trip is this? Is it an adventure where you just want to hit the road and explore? Or is this an organized trip to see the States? If it is a chance to just explore and have fun then maybe just bring a map. An old school folding map is a great way just to drive and then ask yourself, where am I? Like the organized, know-what-you-want-to-see type of fun? Prep that GPS and plug in all the locations you want to see as well as gas stations and restaurants. That way you always know where you are going and what you will see. Check Google and travel sites in order to know what are the must sees on your route.

#5: The Perfect Partner

True, sometimes we road-trip by obligation and not by choice. However, if you do choose who to bring with you, FIND SOMEONE THAT FITS YOUR SENSE OF WONDER. You need someone that will not be an utter buzzkill. The best option is a longtime friend that knows you better than you know yourself. The reason being is that everyone will have fun. The friend will always know what you want to nosh on before you do, will agree with your taste of music, want to see the same things and have no issue with your over organized agenda or a wing it attitude. Someone who has been your friend for such a long time will already know how to work with you and understand all your little pet peeves.

So now you know what to do. The final question to ask and answer yourself is when will you go? If this is taking place in America than be sure to check weather updates as the last thing you want is to be stuck in the mountains during a snowstorm, or driving through Kansas and Oklahoma during Tornado season, right? Who wants to drive through the desert in the Summer? We know you want to be in Yuma, one of the hottest places in America this July or August… just kidding. Plan for success and you will succeed. Have an awesome trip!