Checking out the Tel Aviv Art Scene

Over the last few years, Tel Aviv has gone through a cultural and artistic revolution, with new galleries and museums opening up across the city! Here we listed a few for you to check out.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27


Tel Aviv’s primary art museum – with paintings by Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, Jackson Pollack and lots more. For an interactive experience take a guided tour or a workshop, and enter the library to delve deeper into museum’s treasures. If you are into architecture, the building is also an artwork in itself. Continue reading

Museums to visit in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is blessed with some of the finest museums in the country. The city contains so much diversity in terms of culture, religion, art, history and more that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, here at Tellavista we put together a short list of the most popular ones!


Yad Vashem

The Yad Vashem Memorial, founded in 1953 to serve as the center for research, documentation, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. It is an emotionally powerful museum, which introduces visitors to the history of the Nazis’ rise to power and the harrowing effect this had on Jews in Europe at that time. The various exhibits serve as a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and include displays of ghettos, concentration camps, Jewish response, and the famous Hall of Names. Continue reading

Hanging out in Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva, the capitol of the Negev. In the past it was just a hot outpost, with the locals living there out of Idealism and Zionism. Today, Beer Sheva is one of the hottest destinations for young couples, plenty of tourism and lots of places to hang out.


The Israeli Air Force Museum

The Israeli Air Force Museum is found in the open expanse of desert at the Hatzerim Air Force Base, with the local war planes and training planes occasionally flying above the museum during the day – providing great entertainment. The museum features are mostly outdoors, with a few buildings dedicated to housing Air Force archives and artifacts. To start, there is a small building that dissects the history of the IAF and points out the various missions and operations that makes the IAF a legend in and of itself – operations such as Entebbe and the aerial raids on Tunisia and Iraq’s fledgling nuclear facility in 1981.  Continue reading

A day in Acre

Acre, one of Israel’s norther beach cities that is rich with history from all cultures and has meaning to all religions. Acre also benefits from one of the very rare natural harbors on the coast of the Land of Israel. This location helped it become one of the oldest cities in the world, continuously inhabited since the Middle Bronze Age some 4000 years ago. The most organized way to tour is to go to the Old Acre Visitors Center, located in the Old City at 1 Weizmann Street, in the Enchanted Garden area (or otherwise park in the main Lighthouse parking area, where you can enter the Old City via the underground Templars Tunnels). In the Visitors Center you can buy tickets combining the places that most attract you. Acre is not exactly on the main tourist trail, but there are plenty of awesome things to check out;


Continue reading

Travel the Galilee

The state of Israel was split into regions all the way back since the biblical days. Today you can find modern names of places or even places that kept the historical name by being in the vicinity of the original city. Regions on the other hand were split into 12 as the tribes of Israel, but today it has been split not by tribes but by terrain. The Galillee for example takes up most of Israel’s northern regions, but it was split into 5: the Upper Galilee, the Lower Galilee and the Galilean finger. All three regions are exponentially different, and we at Tellavista will give you an Idea for a tour in each region of the Galilee.


The Upper Galilee, The Keshet Cave

The site known as Keshet Cave is located in the Upper Galilee, just a few miles from Israel’s border with Lebanon. Long ago, there was an actual cave here, but it collapsed, leaving and just part of the arched limestone ceiling intact. Pottery artifacts found by archeologists at the site date back more than 3,000 years, to the time when Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River into what was then called Canaan. At more than 1,300 feet above sea level, the magical view through the arch frames the Western Galilee and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea (In Hebrew, the word “Keshet” literally means arch, bow or rainbow). From this spot, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the Haifa Bay, the grottoes of Rosh HaNikra, the Carmel Mountain, Mount Meron and the Yehi’am Fortress. Below are the meandering waters of the Bezet Stream.

The Lower Galilee, The Arbel Cliff

Mount Arbel is a stunning mountain in the Lower Galilee that overlooks the Sea of Galilee. And oh boy, does it provide some amazing vistas of the area!

The cliffs can be seen for miles around, but actually being at the top of the cliffs is one of those must-do moments – it truly is a magical place to catch some amazing views of the Golan Heights, and even of Mount Hermon. And not only the views are mouth-watering, there are some spectacular hikes in the area, including access to part of the Jesus Trail. The national park that is located here also includes remnants of an ancient community that once inhabited this mountain top, and you can explore ancient ruins of a synagogue, and even hike down to some trails in the cliff-face that reveal an amazing cave fortress in the cliff. Not amazingly easy to get to, so if you have a mobility problem you’ll probably want to skip that little detour… The highest point of the cliff at Mount Arbel is some 181 meters above sea level, and some 390 meters above the Sea of Galilee. The cliff itself was created as a result of the Syrian-African Rift and the geological faults that produced the valleys.

The Galilean Finger, The Dan River

The largest tributary of the Jordan River, the pristine Dan River in the north of Israel is a wonderful destination for lovers of the nature. Located in the Golan Heights at the base of Mount Hermon, the Dan River offers kayaking, white water rafting, camping, hiking, fishing for fresh trout, and even archeological remnants at the Tel Dan National Park. For those wanting to truly experience the Dan River, kayaking, canoeing, tubing and white water rafting opportunities abound. From a relaxing paddle along serene waters to an adrenaline-boosting ride across choppy waters, any experience is at your fingertips.






4 Must See Things in Tel Aviv

Rated the coolest city in the MIddle East Tel Aviv is packed with culture, fun, beaches, history and so much more. So if there were 4 things to in a day, here are our recommendations for a day out in Tel Aviv.

Explore HaYarkon Park


Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and visit this oasis, known as the “green lung” of Tel Aviv. This large park surrounds the Yarkon River, which runs all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting botanical gardens,two mini zoos, bike paths and play areas for children, you can have a relaxing morning picnic or an active sports-filled day.

Check out the Architecture

The White City of Tel Aviv is the highlight of Tel Aviv’s Architecture boasting the greatest collection of Bauhaus style buildings in the world, and recognized by UNESCO as a result, with over 4,500 amazing buildings. The city also has some beautiful, eclectic style buildings, as well as modern buildings – ranging from skyscrapers to cultural complexes which sit peacefully in between. A tour of the architecture of Tel Aviv, and a tour of the White City, is a great way to understand Tel Aviv.

Visit a Museum

Don’t miss out on a chance to see some of Tel Aviv’s greatest museums. For history buffs, visit the Independence Hall, where you tour the very place Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence in May 1948. Learn the history and struggles Israel faced before becoming a nation. See videos and hear lectures about how Israel rose to become the resilient country it is today.

For art lovers, consider the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, known for its outstanding collection of modern art and contemporary exhibitions. You can spend hours strolling through timeless works of Van Gogh to Picasso or take in contemporary Israeli pieces.

Shop around the City

If there is one area Tel Aviv could improve, it is the fashion… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still good places for some shopping therapy. For all your basic needs the Dizengoff Centre is perfect – right in the middle of Tel Aviv, it hosts over 400 shops spread out over five floors – and on Thursdays and Fridays there is a fashion market and a food market. For a more unique shopping experience check out some of Tel Aviv’s amazing markets (shuks), the largest of which is Shuk HaCarmel – food, flowers, judaica, clothes, restaurants and some great kiosk kitchens, particularly in the middle at the cross with Shefer Street. Foreign specialty shop ‘East and West’ sells all foreign foods and products.



Spring Hikes that Everyone Enjoys

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it’s rare to find the same geographical terrains like Israel offers. From the desert in the south, to the seaside sandy beaches, to the mountains that lead all the way from Jerusalem to the Hermon Mountain, back to the valleys in the north and the Jordan Valley. Plenty of different terrains to try and enjoy with plenty of hiking options. Here we will try to give you so fun hikes that involve all types of terrains.



Jerusalem, Sataf

Sataf located in the Jerusalem Hills, is famed for its hiking trails and natural beauty, set in one of Israel’s most incredible and powerful landscapes. Pine forests line the hillsides providing a powerful entry to the powerful city of Jerusalem. Just off the road are a large number of amazing places, within breathing distance of the city. These include the village of Abu Ghosh, Israel’s hummus capital, the village of Ein Kerem, famed for its Biblical importance, and a large number of beauty spots of which Sataf is definitely one. With a great walking or hiking trail, amazing views, and a great cafe, it’s a great place to escape the city and enjoy some shaded beauty. Sataf is just a ten-minute drive from the outskirts of Jerusalem through hairpin windy roads of the Jerusalem Hills. Continue reading

Parties to look forward to on Purim 2017

Purim, the holiday of costumes and drinking is coming upon us on March 11th! There are so many different things to do during the day; Street parades in Holon, the Beer Sheva Old City Purim Festival and the Kikar Safra street party in Jerusalem. But, when Purim rolls around, so do some of the greatest parties of the year. Here we will share with you some of the years greatest Purim parties!

resized_p-396Purim 11 Party

Located in the heart of the Tel Aviv old Port, is one of the cities biggest parties. Every couple of hours another world renowned DJ will take the stage and have the crowd dance until the morning!

Where: The Old Tel Aviv Port

The Tel Aviv Zombie Walk

The Tel Aviv Purim Zombie walk is all about zombies, walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. Taking place on Sunday, March 12 from 17:00, gathering at the corners of Ben-Zion and King George street(Near the Dizengoff Center). Make sure your makeup is done really well or you might get bitten!

Freddie Lemons Purim Party

This Jerusalem local bar is usually the host of art displays and live music. On Purim though, it will turn into a massive spaceship, and great offers on all the alcoholic items. Music,  space, alcohol, it’s going to be an epic party!

Freddie Lemon, Machne Yehuda Market, Eitz Haim 19 Jerusalem



Must Visit Wineries in Israel

One of the greatest things in Israel, that the land of Israel was blessed with wine. There are over 400 wineries around this tiny country! So, which ones give you the ultimate tourist experience? Let’s find out!

Image result for wineries in Israel tourist center


Barkan Wines own over 2,200 acres of vineyards in Israel, from the Galilee in the north to Mitzpe Ramon in the south, in the Jerusalem Mountains and the Yehuda Plains. Barkan Wines produce over 10 million bottles annually, which win countless medals and awards in Israel and the world. The winery owns the largest barrel hall in Israel, hosting 5,000 barrels, and produces and manufactures wine with the most advanced and modern means in the wine world.

For more info:

Continue reading

Checking out the Israeli Marketplaces

Israel, being a country of old, dates back over 5,000 years. Many different nations have ruled the land, many religions have passed through, but one thing that hasn’t changed, is that there was always a market to find around Israel. Whether if it was by the port like in the cities of Jaffa, Acre and Ceserea or a street market like in Jerusalem. So here some of the most popular marketplaces for you to check out around Israel today.


Sarona Market

Sarona Compound, a 140-year-old former Templar colony, is the first culinary center of its kind in Israel. An 8,700-square-meter market houses dozens of specialty food shops from all around the world. Inside the market, you’ll find everything imaginable from Dutch cheese to waffle towers and even Asian buns. Just outside the indoor market, dozens of clothing, book and shoe stores line its lanes, interspersed with lily ponds and grassy areas to relax. Continue reading